Caravan, Boat & Storage Reactive Gel 75g


This product has been specially formulated to treat mould and bacteria found in caravans, boats and storage areas.

These areas tend to have low ventilation, high humidity and water/moisture exposure as they are not regularly used and aired. This environment is perfect for mould and bacterial growth.

Keep the interior of your boat and caravan smelling fresh and clean – even after months of being closed up. Keep the items in your storage areas free from nasty odours and mould growth.


  • Prevents mould and bacteria from growing in any indoor space.
  • Cleans the air that you breathe.
  • Safe to use around children, pregnant women, babies and pets.
  • Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Targets mould and bacteria.

Product details

  • Lifetime: 6 to 8 weeks once opened*. Up to 2 years if left unopened.
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Indoor Coverage:
    • With lower ventilation in these areas, when compared rooms in a house, we recommend using
      • 2 jars per caravan/campervan/camper trailer, one either end
      • 2 jars per boat, one either end (i.e. 50ft)
      • For storage, this really depends on the size of the area. Ideally clean first and put the jar into the room prior to putting items in. For best results, allow space between items for air flow.
        • 1-3 jars for 0-50 square metres
        • 4-6 jars for up to 200 square metres

* Depends on ambient temperature, humidity and air flow.


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