Ozone Services ProvidesCairns Biohazard Decontamination Services

Cairns biohazard decontamination services are provided with professionalism, thorough attention to detail and by Certified Trained Technicians using world class products and techniques, when you choose Ozone Services. This is a particular area of expertise and we have more than 20 years experience. Our mobile team of technicians work across Cairns city and all of Far North Queensland. We provide crime and trauma site decontamination, odour removal services using High Ozone Shock Treatments, sanitizing of buildings and flooring affected by grey or black water ingress and on-site microbial testing of air quality, with all appropriate decontamination and remediation works completed in accordance with international standards. When you have a serious state on your hands, call Ozone Services and leave the rest up to us. Call 0417 620 786 or info@ozoneservices.com.au

Crime & trauma sites

Biohazard materials are often found at crime scenes and trauma sites, including workplace accidents. Ozone Services are the experienced team to clean and decontaminate the site to leading international standards.

Deceased estates

Ozone Services provide Cairns biohazard decontamination services for deceased estates across the city and Far North Queensland, with compassion, care and thorough attention to detail.

Grey & black water

Grey water comes from appliances like toilets and washing machines. Black water includes sewage, flood waters and seawater. Both contain contaminates dangerous to humans and must be cleaned professionally.

Hoarding & mess

Hoarded rubbish and long untended mess can contain faecal matter, pest infestations, fluids, mould and more. We can cleanup and decontaminate, remove odours and return the property to hygienic state.

Microbial testing

Some biohazards are easily visible but some are not, such as airborne particles which can cause respiratory illness and distress. We can test and remove these things with HEPA Filtration Air Scrubbers.

Decontamination & mould

All of our Cairns biohazard decontamination services are thorough and effective, designed to prevent infection and the potential spread of disease. We are the professional team you can trust.

Cairns Biohazard Decontamination Services

Biohazard Cleaning cairns

Biohazard cleaning Cairns services are very specific and due to their very nature, need to be completed by trained professionals to international standards, using appropriate equipment and products. Ozone Services tick all of these boxes. Our team of Certified Restoration Technicians can contain, remove, dispose and effectively clean biohazard waste of all descriptions, safely and securely. Our biohazard cleaning services Cairns can be booked for interior walls and ceilings, carpets, tiles and concrete as well as upholstery. You can count on Ozone Services for compassionate, discrete, confidential and professional biohazard cleaning services. We work across Cairns and Far North Queensland, including Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands.

Cairns Biohazard Decontamination Services

Biohazard Decontamination

As well as containing, removing, disposing and cleaning biohazard waste, Ozone Services also decontaminate and sanitize returning the property to its pre-incident state. Decontamination starts with effective onsite testing for bacteria levels. This establishes what is there and at what level, once this is clarified we prepare a Cairns biohazard decontamination schedule of service to eliminate dangerous biohazard waste, odours and provide optimum Indoor Air Quality. Our clients include government departments, insurance companies, businesses and individuals. For more information or to book our Cairns biohazard decontamination services call Ozone Services on 0417 620 786 or info@ozoneservices.com.au

Ozone Services are a fully trained and certified firm in Applied Microbial Remediation, specialising in decontamination works with over 20 years experience. We provide biohazard cleaning across Cairns and Far North Queensland, including emergency services.

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