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We are the Cairns mould remediation experts, servicing clients across Far North Queensland from Cardwell to Cape York, Tully to Thursday Island and everywhere in between. We’re trusted leaders in our field with international certifications and world class products, which are under strict licensing agreements and not available to any other organisation in Far North Queensland. We’re focused on improving health, based on Indoor Air Quality by utilising our unique mould remediation products and procedures, which includes comprehensive and accurate Cairns microbial testing, analyses and reporting. From treating and removing visible staining, mould colonisation, allergens and toxins, to identifying cause and providing long term solutions, you can count on Ozone Services. Our technique is non-invasive, our products safe for residential and commercial purposes and we provide a guarantee on our mould remediation services. For more information call us on 0417 620 786.

Mould testing

We’ll inspect your premises using an infra-red moisture detection meter and thermal imaging cameras. We accurately analyze the patterns of mould growth and identify its cause.

Microbial testing

While the mould itself is usually visible, an equally important part of remediation is to test (and treat) airborne pathogens. We have specialist equipment for microbial testing.

Mould remediation

We can effectively treat and remove mould without structural interference. We use Thermal Fogging with specialist products, applied by trained personnel in appropriate PPE.

Indoor air quality testing

We provide first class Cairns Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing, using specialised equipment to measure the volume of harmful mycotoxins in the air, which can be responsible for respiratory issues.

Analytical reports

Our trained team of Certified Restoration Technicians are able to prepare and provide independent analytical reports on your property. Contact us today to arrange an inspection and report.

Professional products

Ozone Services are certified in Applied Microbial Remediation services. Our products are tested and non-hazardous to the environment. We’re also a Certified Goldmorr Master Remediation company.

Cairns mould remediation

Cairns mould remediation services for private and commercial properties delivered by trained professionals to international gold standard levels, is what we do at Ozone Services. We access and treat all surfaces and internals via a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) procedure. Cavity areas can be treated with specialised thermal fogging equipment, which creates a thick fog capable of penetrating all areas for effective treatment. Properties treated in this way can significantly reduce long term, irreversible building material damage, reduce health effects associated with long term exposure and restore overall air quality. Our highly trained Restoration Technicians do everything they can to identify and solve your mould problems and in most cases treatment does not involve structural alterations, meaning you’re safely back in your building in a day.

Cairns Mould Remediation

Cairns microbial testing

What is Cairns microbial testing? It’s using specialised equipment to obtain a sample of air and conduct Particle Count Testing. In this way, we can accurately analyse the quality of your indoor air and identify the presence and quantity of mould spores, harmful mycotoxins and more. Once we understand the presenting conditions, we can prepare appropriate treatment options to remove these from your environment. One such system we use is the Goldmorr System, which is internationally proven to be an effective air scrubbing solution. In fact, we are a Master Goldmorr Mould Remediation Certified Firm. Once treatment has been completed, we re-test the air and can provide analytical reports on client request. For more information or to book our Cairns microbial testing services, contact Ozone Services today. Our team are fully mobile and ready to deploy.

Ozone Services

We offer a 12 month guarantee on all mould remediation works performed, with the exclusions of future water damage or flooding, condensation issues, inadequate ventilation, environmental re-contamination or recommendations not being adhered or rectified on completion of our work.

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