Ozone Services ProvidesCairns Water Damage Restoration Services

Cairns water damage restoration and repair specialists are the team at Ozone Services. We have over 20 years experience providing water damage restoration services following storms, cyclones, floods, fires, broken pipes, hoses, drains and more. Our head office is in Cairns and our fully mobile team work right across Far North Queensland, from Cardwell to Cape York, Tully to the Torres Strait Islands and everywhere in between. We tailor our Cairns water damage restoration services to meet your specific needs and presenting circumstances and can include structural drying and mould remediation as a part of the package. With our training, expertise, products and technology, we can dry everything out, from the ceiling to the floor and including cavity areas. We can also prepare and provide detailed reports, including water ingress incidents. Scheduled services and 24/7 emergency response. For more information call us on 0417 620 786.

Water damage restoration

We are trusted by insurance companies, government departments, private and commercial clients for our gold standard water damage restoration services.

Flood restoration

Living up here means we’re all too familiar with the perils associated with cyclones and flooding. Our natural disaster response team deploy quickly, for immediate action.

Emergency water damage

If your home or office has suffered emergency water damage, quick action can avoid further damage to building structures and contents and help prevent mould growth.

Water extraction

As the Cairns water damage restoration specialists, we can not only identify where the water entered the property (leaks etc) we can extract the water and work to return your property to its pre-incident condition.

Structural drying

Ozone Services are professionally certified by the IICRC for their gold standard Water Damage Structural Drying approach, methodology, equipment and expertise. Proven abilities at drying out ceilings, kitchens, under-floor cavities and more.

Mould remediation

Unfortunately, water damage can lead to mould. Ozone Services can test for mould and if present, provide effective treatment protecting your property and your people. We’re also certified in Applied Microbial Remediation services.

Cairns Water Damage Restoration

Cairns water damage restoration

Water damage usually involves the compromise of building materials through sources such as long-term plumbing leaks, flooding, cyclones, roof leaks and more. Ozone Services are certified by the IICRC to provide professional water damage restoration services to the latest international standards. Our Cairns water damage restoration and repair services are comprehensive. They include property attendance and inspections, checking for microbial contamination, identification of any water ingress points, ceiling and cavity leaks and then structural drying. For insurance purposes and your peace of mind, our specialist team can also prepare and supply appropriate reports and documentation of our Cairns water damage restoration services. We’re here to make your life easy, so you and your property can return to ‘situation normal’ as quickly as possible.

Cairns Water Damage Restoration

Cairns structural drying specialists

Just because your property or parts of your property have been water damaged, does not mean you can’t save it and restore it. Ozone Services are the Cairns structural drying service specialists. We take our equipment and expertise on the road, servicing clients across Far North Queensland. We have a range of structural drying treatments at our disposal, including the Quick Wall Containment System, which can be built if we need to dry a sectional area of your home quickly. We can also provide Direct Cavity Drying which helps to ensure all your cavities are dried correctly, ensuring no mould growth. On completion of service, we place vent caps over the holes which is an added bonus when you need to do pest control around your property. For more information or to request a free quote, contact us on (07) 4231 9778 or info@ozoneservices.com.au

Ozone Services are the trusted service provider for all your Cairns water damage restoration needs, structural drying services, mould testing and remediation. Our mobile team provide scheduled service as well as emergency water extraction across Cairns and Far North Queensland.

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