Ozone Services ProvidesCairns Meth Lab Testing & Cleaning

Cairns meth lab testing and cleaning professionals are Ozone Services, working across the city and able to deploy around Far North Queensland from Cape York to Cardwell, Tully to the Torres Strait Islands, Gordonvale to the Gulf and everywhere in between. We’re internationally trained and certified and have over 20 years experience in site decontamination and restoration services. Sadly during this time we’ve seen an ever-growing demand for meth lab testing and cleaning, not only in the city but throughout regional and remote areas. We cannot under emphasize the importance of testing to see if your property has been used as a meth lab and we provide effective forensic testing for all suspected clandestine drug labs. We also provide effective meth lab cleaning and remediation services. For more information or to book a confidential service, contact us on 0417 620 786 or info@ozoneservices.com.au

Meth lab testing

If you are reading this, then you already know that meth labs produce dangerous toxins during the ‘cooking’ process which seeps into porous materials including timber and carpets. These toxins are invisible to see but can be detected during testing. Ozone Services can help.

Meth lab cleaning

Our Restoration Technicians have all the training, equipment and products to provide comprehensive meth lab cleaning services. We decontaminate and sanitize and in places where materials can’t be effectively cleaned, we safely remove and dispose of them.

Decontamination services

Often the location of a meth lab, which can be a house, garage, shed or demountable building, can be more dangerous than the drug itself. This is thanks to the concentration of toxins produced from production. Ozone Services provide effective decontamination services.

Cairns Meth Lab Testing And Cleaning

Forensic meth lab testing cairns

While there are some ‘clues’ that might suggest your property has been used as a meth lab (see below), the only safe and reliable way to know for sure is to have forensic testing done. Ozone Services have the equipment and expertise to provide Cairns meth lab testing services, which will identify if your property has been compromised and how much residue has been left. If you have noticed any of the below, now might be the time to get a test done.

  • Burns to benches and drains
  • Unusual stains on floors and walls
  • Chemical or acetone odours
  • Unusual amount of specific trash including coffee filters and muslin cloths
Cairns Meth Lab Testing And Cleaning

Cairns biohazard decontamination

Ozone Services are trusted by government departments, insurance companies and property owners to provide effective Cairns biohazard decontamination and meth lab cleaning and remediation services. We compile the initial test and report and once cleaning services have been completed, conduct another series of tests to confirm effective cleaning has been conducted. Both reports are submitted for inspection and analyses. All of our Cairns meth lab cleaning services are conducted by trained professionals wearing appropriate PPE and using equipment, products and procedures which protect them, remove the dangerous chemical residues and return the property to a safe state for habitation.

There are significant health risks associated with meth lab testing and cleaning. Any such services should be provided by trained professionals. Ozone Services’ team of Restoration Technicians are ready to deploy across Cairns and all of Far North Queensland.

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